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Soar Like A Hamster

January 29, 2009


What’s remarkable about an eagle soaring? Nothing.

No offense, O ‘Majestic Bird of Prey’ riding those high-altitude air currents with your conveniently impressive wings, but that’s about as remarkable as me sitting on the couch in my PJ’s, thumbing the remote.

A hamster soaring? Now, THAT’S remarkable.

What does it take for a hamster to soar?

Well, for starters, a willingness to get the hell out of her comfort zone.

That, and dissatisfaction with processed pellets and drip-fed water is a good start.

She needs the vision to get off the treadmill and the patience to wait for opportunity and seize it–like when their kid owner takes her out of the cage to hold her: this is the moment to run for the door!

She needs the courage to travel unknown paths, backyards, streets until finally she finds herself at the local playground.

She needs to dig deep and make that final commitment, to leap as a child runs past with their kite, coloured tail flapping behind.

She needs to grab that tail and hold on for dear life, shivering with exhilaration as the ground recedes and the sky opens up just for her.

Go hamster, and go YOU! Set your inner hamster loose and soar!